Vakuum designs and manufacturer latest state of the art semi-trailers to meet highest performance and security standards with maximum holding time.

LNG Semi trailers
From our long experience repairing and manufacturing semitrailes we developed in 2015 a revolutionary design focused to reduce weight, increase strenght and obtaining best payloads in the market. We reach best insulation performance by means of our MLI + vacuum labels.

Our innovative design with external ribs reduce structure weight gainning better pay load for our customers.
We design up to -196ºC and we support our calculations with FEA (Finite Elements Analysis) to meet highest customer’s requirements and according to ADR,T-PED and ASME codes.

Variety of options
We know each country has his own regulations and standards , for this reason we have capacity to adapt our semi trailers to every road.

  • From 40Tn to 48Tn as standard gross weight, bigger or smaller sizes under customer’s demand.
  • Our road tankers are standard designed for pressure from 3 up to 7 bar, other pressures under customer’s demand.
  • Multilayer insulation, using the highest quality manufacturer in the market guarantees best holding time.
  • Best vacuum levels < 2mtorr , using latest vacuum pump equipment in the market.
  • Cryogenic semitrailers are built in stainless steel inner vessel and available outer vessel in stainless steel and aluminium (under demand).
  • Rear or side cabinet
  • Ergonomic and easy piping lay out to help his manipulation.
  • Pump and measurament system options , from 600 to 1000ltrs/min. capacity.
  • MID approval for whole piping and delivery system, only in the market.
  • Optional couplings , Enagas, Messer , others..under request.